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Travelling Requirements To Enter Malaysia [Dec 2022]

Anonymous 30 November 2022

All travellers are now allowed to enter Malaysia regardless of their Covid-19 vaccination status. Travellers also no longer require a pre-departure/on-arrival Covid-19 test but should still continue practicing Covid-19 preventive measures while in Malaysia.

Travellers’ To-Do List:

1. Travellers are encouraged to download and activate the MySejahtera app

Travellers are encouraged to indicate their Covid-19 risk status before/upon arrival to Malaysia. The Covid-19 risk status shown in the MySejahtera app may be checked upon entering any premise.

2. Travellers who test positive for Covid-19 are required to undergo self-isolation

If traveller develops Covid-19 symptoms during their stay in Malaysia, they should get tested immediately. If found to be positive, kindly follow the Covid-19 protocol as per below:

(a) Individuals who test positive for Covid-19 must undergo self-isolation via Home Surveillance Order (HSO) for seven (7) days. 

(b) Individuals are allowed to be released from isolation on Day 4/5/6 if found to be asymptomatic and obtain a negative RTK-Ag test, supervised by a registered medical practitioner.

(c) Individuals are allowed to be discharged on Day 7 of isolation and do not require any Covid-19 test. 

3. Apply For Your VISA

Make sure to obtain a valid VISA (for nationals that requires a visa to enter Malaysia). Click here to view the VISA requirements according to your respective countries. 

If you wish to apply for your VISA, you may apply for an eVISA at https://malaysiavisa.imi.gov.my/. Kindly refer to the website for more detailed information, instruction, terms, and conditions for the eVISA application. Do kindly check with your specific country’s VISA requirements before planning your trip. It is advised to plan your trip one month in advance.

4. Passport Validity of Six (6) Months

Before entering Malaysia, travellers are required to have a passport with a validity of at least six (6) months. Travellers must have at least one (1) blank page for the entry stamp, and the permission to enter/remain in Malaysia is under the full authority of the Malaysian Immigration Department. 

5. Dual Citizenship is not recognised in Malaysia 

6. Law and Culture

Kindly refer to the Royal Malaysian Customs Department website for information regarding the Malaysia Customs Act 1967 (Amendment) 2019, the Customs Regulations 2019 and the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

The majority of the population is Muslim. Dress conservatively, behave discreetly and avoid discussions on race or religion. 

7. Cash

Travellers entering/leaving Malaysia with cash and/or negotiable bearer instruments (e.g. traveller’s cheque, bearer cheques) exceeding an amount equivalent to USD10,000 must make a declaration in form Customs No. 22. The forms will be made available at counters located before the Customs Checkpoints at all entry and exit points of Malaysia. 

8. Carry your Passport, Everywhere

Travellers are required to carry their identification (Passport and/or Malaysian Immigration Issued Card) at all times, in accordance with the Malaysian law. If the individual fails to provide such identification to the police when asked, they are subject to be detained until valid identification can be presented. 

Countries may have their own entry and exit requirements, do kindly check your own country’s travel requirements. Click here for more information on the Traveling Requirements to Enter Malaysia. 

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