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ESCAPE Penang bags their 2nd Guinness World Record!

Anonymous 01 August 2022

Have you ever been awarded not one, but TWO world records? Well, we can’t relate but ESCAPE Penang sure can! Having previously held a Guinness World Record of having the World’s Longest Tube Water Slide at 1,111 metres, they have once again proven how impressive they are! Launched on 12 May, ESCAPE Penang has now been awarded with their 2nd Guinness World Record, holding the title for World’s Longest Zip Coaster at 1,135 metres

“What’s a Zip Coaster?” Well, to put it simply, it is described as a combination of a zip liner and a roller coaster – now that sounds thrilling! If you’re thinking of trying it out, here’s how it generally goes. First, you’ll be taken on a chairlift to the take-off platform at the top of the ride, and once you’re harnessed in, you can find yourself dashing through the lush green forest. Make sure to open your eyes, enjoy the lushious scenery and free-flying experience! 

Want to experience this for yourselves? Sure! Bring your friends and family to experience the World’s Longest Tube Water Slide and the World’s Longest Zip Coaster in ESCAPE Penang, not-your-ordinary theme park surrounded by a preserved rich rainforest of Teluk Bahang. Immerse in this thrilling experience with 40 exciting rides and attractions to choose from, it’s time to let loose people! 

Head over to https://bit.ly/GoTifi_ESCAPE_Penang to book your ESCAPE Penang passes today!

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